In 2013 we engaged Erica as an independent researcher and copywriter to develop the first two large-scale physical and virtual exhibitions on  the history of the university's downtown environs. Erica brought exceptional research and organizational skills to the project. She never missed a deadline, captured concepts easily, adapted well to changes  and delivered quality work on deadline. We would have no hesitation engaging her on other projects.
- Clarence Epstein, Ph.D., Concordia University, Senior Director, Urban and Cultural Affairs

I have enjoyed working with Erica since May 2014. She has expertly led complex writing projects for individuals and departments at Centennial College. Her attention to detail and dedication to each assignment has helped the College win numerous national and provincial awards. Her work ethic is exceptional. I highly recommend her.

Deepak Gupta, Centennial College, Director, Applied Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Services (ARIES)

I've been lucky to work with Erica Ruth Kelly in a variety of ways over the years—during my time as an editor at Maisonneuve, she worked as both a fact-checker and a writer, and she wrote for me at She Does The City, as well. At both award-winning publications, Erica was a sharp, reliable contributor. She could always be counted on to provide high-quality work in a diligent and timely manner. After her period doing research for Maisonneuve had ended, we used her materials as an example for incoming fact-checkers. I would recommend Erica for any position she's interested in—she's hard-working, organized, and a true pleasure! 

- Haley Cullingham, Penguin Random House Canada, Senior Editor Digital and Hazlitt, Senior Editor, Former Editor-in-Chief at Maisonneuve Magazine

Erica Kelly is a dedicated writer and researcher who excels at accomplishing her given tasks. Some people simply do a job well while others work with passion and fortitude. Erica represents the latter. Working with Erica on developing a strong grant proposal to the Ontario Arts Council not only secured the funding requested but also introduced me to Erica's innovation, initiative, and writing. You want it done and you want it done well? Get Erica.

- Teneile Warren, Founder, Life in Homemade; Former Executive Director of Literature for Life

Erica began building her relationship with Literature for Life on her own accord when she pitched an idea for a new personal essay writing program. We were taken by her initiative and enthusiasm from day 1. She and the executive team worked closely on the development of this program, which Erica later successfully launched and facilitated. In recognition of her efforts, she was quickly promoted to Literature for Life's Program Manager.  When not managing the program at our various locations across the Greater Toronto Area, she was leading a research team, recruiting and organizing our volunteers, supporting our fundraisers, and contacting the media to raise awareness of our work. She was a dedicated, integral part of our organization.

- Katie Herbert, Literature for Life, Chair of the Board; Medcan, Director, Assessments and Coaching

Erica makes writing look easy. There is a natural, human rhythm in all her articles, free of superfluous chatter. What comes through is a warm, highly intelligent person, with a sharp wit and deep understanding of human nature. When I read her words, I want to thank her for giving me insight, making me laugh, or moving me in unexpected ways. If you're in need of someone that is reliable, enthusiastic and creative, I would recommend Erica Ruth Kelly in a heartbeat.

- Meinert Hansen, Dawson College, Professor, Illustrator and Concept Artist

In 2014, Erica Ruth Kelly wrote a column for She Does the City; receiving it in my inbox each week was a true joy. Erica shares personal anecdotes in a thoughtful and charming way that make a subtle yet impactful statement on society at large. Grounded, sincere, and unpretentious: her storytelling abilities and language provoke a curious shift in thinking that usually comes with an amusing self-reflective chuckle.

- Jen McNeely,  She Does the City, Editor-in-Chief